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Welcome to Veda Samskrthi. Preservation and Propagation of Vedic Culture.

Vedas are the fore more scriptures of the world. This is a widely accepted phenomenon. According to ancient Indian tradition, word "Veda" is derived from the root - Vid meaning -> Gnana, Karma, Vichara & Laabha.

It is the duty of all of us to preserve and propagate the insights of Vedas. This is an attempt to create a platform to facilitate this meaningful duty.

Veda Samskrthi is an organization setup to fulfill this desire of Preservation and Propagation of Vedic Culture. Some of the means we have adopted for this purpose, includes -

Gurukula Facilitation to learn vedic chanting
Research Understanding / Unearthing of vedic insights
Publications Periodicals, Books, Information Sharing
Yajna Performance of rituals
Camps Vedic way of life, adoption of yoga in daily course
Seminars Vedagoshti and Vedic Conference

Our Website is dedicated to anicent Indian Vedas & Vedangas. We are working on R&D of this great knowledgebase.

Arshadhara - Vedic Conference

Vedic Conference

"Arshadhara" is a conference for Veda-enthusiasts conducted by Dharma Jagrthi Trust®, Bengaluru. This conference is designed to encourage the lay and the learned, the young and the old enthusiasts of Vedas to share their knowledge and enrich themselves. It will consist of exclusive sessions for women, youth, saints and media . In each session, there will be presentations, panel discussions from scholars/ scientists/researchers/youngsters. There will be Vedic chanting between the sessions done by students. The sessions are designed specially to encourage women and youth to come forward for Vedic research and Development.

This Vedic Conference was an attempt to bring about the vedic scholars, scientists and researchers and the general public, especially the youth under one roof and create a discussion on various aspects on the relevance of Vedic research in present day and come to some conclusion and see how it can be implemented in the society..

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Yagna - A divine sacrifice


Yajna can be explained as a divine sacrifice in which a variety of materials are offered to gods to propitiate them in return for their blessings to accomplish universal welfare as well as individual welfare.

There are basically 21 types of yajnas.
7 paaka yajnas, 7 haviryajnas, 7 soma yajnas

Yajna includes so many ishtis and yagas. For ex: In soma yaga, Deekshaneeya ishti, Praayaneeya ishti and aatithya ishti etc and vayavya pashuyaga, agneeshomeeya yaga, etc are to be conducted.

Along with these, yajnas like Rajasuya, ashwamedha, etc., chayanas like garudachayana, etc., ayanas like gavamayana are also stated.

Apthoryama is the seventh of the seven Somayajnas. The Juice of the Somacreeper is the main sacrificial offering in these Somayagas.


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